Unless noted otherwise, talks will be held at:
David Brower Center
2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 (directions)

BrunoFest 2013: Schedule of Talks
Time Speaker Title
Thursday, May 2
9:00 Savas Dimopoulos What has the LHC done to Theory?
9:45 Nathan Seiberg Reading between the lines of four-dimensional gauge theories
10:30 Coffee and tea break
11:00 Stanley Deser The only(?) unknown WZ masterpiece and its time-travails
11:45 John Ellis Learning to live with scalars
12:30 lunch (buffet)
2:30 Luciano Maiani Supersymmetry: not time to give it up, yet
3:15 Fabiola Gianotti Getting to know two new friends
4:00 Coffee and tea break
4:30 Gigi Rolandi Search for supersymmetry at the LHC
6:30 Banquet
Friday, May 3
9:00 Dan Freedman AdS/CFT and SUSY
9:45 Peter van Nieuwenhuizen Supersymmetric solitons and anomaly multiplets
10:30 Coffee and tea break
11:00 Albert Schwarz String theory and Mathematics: Variations on a theme
11:45 Nima Arkani-Hamed Locality and unitarity from positivity
12:30 lunch (local restautrants)
2:30 Renata Kallosh Supergravity at Large
3:15 Michael Green Perturbative and nonperturbative aspects of superstring amplitudes
5:00 Public talk by Fabiola Gianotti at the Chevron Auditorium in the I-House
Saturday, May 4
9:00 Sergio Ferrara Highlights in Supersymmetry and Supergravity
9:45 John Schwarz An NMSSM scenario
10:30 Coffee and tea break
11:00 Steven Weinberg Goldstone Bosons in the Sky
11:45 Edward Witten The Feynman iε in string theory
12:30 lunch (buffet)

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