The public lecture will be given in the Chevron Auditorium at the International House in Berkeley on Friday, May 3rd 2013 by Dr. Fabiola Gianotti from CERN ("European Organisation of Nuclear Research").
Dr. Gianotti was the spokesperson of the ATLAS collaboration from March 2009 until March 2013. The ATLAS experiment is one of the two experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland that announced the observation of a new "Higgs-like" boson on July 4th 2012. Dr. Gianotti made the presentation of this discovery on behalf of the ATLAS collaboration at at CERN on that day. Aside from the Higgs boson search, the ATLAS experiment is also looking for many other new phenomena, e.g. new particles predicted by Supersymmetry, a theory invented by Bruno Zumino and his collaborator Julius Wess in 1974 when they both worked at CERN.
Dr. Gianotti received her PhD from University of Milan in 1989, working on searches for Supersymmetry in the UA2 experiment at CERN. Since 1996 she is employed by CERN as a Research Physicist. She has been involved in the ATLAS experiment since the beginning of the project, in 1990, working on detector development, design and construction, becoming Physics Coordinator in 1999, Deputy Spokesperson in 2004 and Spokesperson in March 2009. In the period 1996-2000 she has been involved in the ALEPH experiment at the CERN LEP e+e- Collider, where she has worked on data analysis and coordinated the Supersymmetry group.
In March 2011 she was included by The Guardian newspaper in the "Top 100 most inspirational women". Since June 2012 she is member of the Italian Academy of Sciences ("Accademia dei Lincei"). In September 2012 she was awarded the honor of "Grande Ufficiale" by the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. In December 2012 she was among the recipients of the Fundamental Physics Prize of the Milner Foundation. She was runner-up to Time magazine's person of the year in 2012.
The poster of the event can be found here.